May The Bomb Be With You

­Despite agreeing to disarm, the nuclear states continue to ignore the treaties they have signed. Instead they invest in perfecting this terminal threat. And very few people seem to be fighting in the streets for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. 

It is primarily France and the United Kingdom who are called into question in this second hour. Mauréa, a young Tahitian anti-nuclear activist, who inherited her passion for activism from her father, struggles in a society where mentioning anything nuclear is taboo. Through Mauréa’s journey we discover a country torn apart by nuclear colonization and an environment rendered vulnerable to plutonium, one of the strongest poisons in the world.

In New Zealand, an anti-nuclear country, we meet Annie. She walks in the shoes of her parents, heroic figures in the peace movement, and instrumental in the condemnation of arms by the International Court of Justice. Annie works to inspire youth towards activism and away from fear and complacency. Peace movements seem to have lost their impact at the end of the Cold War. But in June 2006 the pacifists of the world convene in Vancouver for the International Peace Forum. Has there been a wake-up call?

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