The Warriors 2

The Warriors 2

We will not have history revised!

This phrase is often used by the surviving veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War Two) living in Israel and can be used as a movie epigraph. The evidence coming from people who fought on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War is particularly valuable. They remember everything – how they liberated both their native land and European countries and the way Soviet troops were welcomed in the West. They recollect what was actually happening in Ukraine, how, with whom and for what the Ukrainian nationalists, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the 14th SS Galicia Division and other nationalist military formations fought during the war. They remember what relations with the Allies were like and how they were shaped. And their memories of the heroism the Red Army displayed during the war are perpetuated in their photo albums, reminiscences and books.

At a time when memorials dedicated to Soviet soldiers are being destroyed in more forgetful European states, Israel is building new memorials in practically all parts of the country. Almost all Israeli towns have museums where photos, documents, medals and awards are stored with awe and care, the things belonging to the now-deceased warriors of World War II.

The veterans of Israel are working with the youth and now these efforts have yielded fruit – the Great Patriotic War has finally been made part of school curriculums and the role played by the Red Army in defeating Nazism is presented truthfully.

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