News Team. Episode 102

In Syria, Maria Finoshina is on her way to Aleppo, once the country’s business capital and popular tourist destination but it has been devastated by war. Now ISIS militants have made their base in the nearby town of Raqqa. Maria explains the challenges foreigners face to obtain media permits and stops over in the small Christian village of Maaloula. Meanwhile Roman Kosarev is in Donetsk, where he witnesses the evacuation to Moscow of one family and several children in desperate need of medical help.

Some of the biggest news stories around the world. In News Team, an award-winning documentary crew traverses the globe, keeping up with the channel’s leading reporters as they cover the stand-off in Ukraine, the war in Syria, and the machinations in the EU’s corridors of power.

News Team is not just a privileged view into how the news is made, but also provides unflinching insight into the personal lives of those who make it. After watching News Team, no RT broadcast will ever seem the same.

The series was independently filmed by Emmy-nominated Josh Silberman. Named Producer of the Year by the Producers’ Guild of America in 2011, Silberman has been a key figure on leading US shows Fear Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Dancing with the Stars. He has also produced acclaimed extreme series Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, but says News Team is the most “extreme, real and unpredictable” show he has ever been a part of.