Super Tuesday a 'Super Letdown' as America realizes that her Presidential Candidates 'Just Suck'

Welcome to Capital Account. Super Tuesday came and went, and if anything it seems more like a super letdown. As the economy dominates the agenda this election year, voters have failed to flock to the one candidate who actually has a long-term view and addresses concerns of sound money and monetary policy, and represents a shift from the status quo. Why? Are voters stupid? Does "the public suck" as George Carlin famously said? We find it hard to believe that Americans, after years of being fooled and lied to by politicians, dragged to war on false intelligence, forced to hand over their savings so bankers like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein could continue to make millions of dollars hand over fist are still willing to get up off their butts and go vote for another batch of politicians who plan on doing THE EXACT SAME THING. Insanity by definition…we ask our guest Dr. Paul Craig Roberts what he though about yesterday's "democratic" outcome and what he thinks this says not just about the candidates, but about the public.

Meanwhile, Germany does seem to be taking a cue from one republican presidential hopeful – Ron Paul – who has long called for an audit of the US's gold reserves. The Bundesbank is reportedly reviewing its gold reserves. Are they taking stock in case of a eurozone collapse? Anyone who has read Jim Rickards' "Currency Wars," knows very well that if things escalate dramatically gold may be a country's only salvation from total currency collapse. The Germans may finally be catching on to this reality, and stocking up for that rainy day…

And, yesterday we told you about the computer jeopardy champion, Watson, going to work on Wall Street. Well, UBS head floor trader Art Cashin is talking about artificial intelligence (A.I.) saying machines may explain some unusual financial market behavior going on. We'll debate where this is headed. Demetri has some interesting theories about the potential for this to become another sky net judgment day, only this time instead of the machines taking over the military and destroying the world through nuclear war, they will destroy mankind through the financial markets.

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