Matina Stevis on Human and Capital Flight into and out of Europe!

­Welcome to Capital Account. I'm Lauren Lyster in Washington, DC. Just when you thought the eurozone crisis was getting boring, riot police clashed with protesters in front of the Greek Parliament during the country’s first national general strike since its new government came to power. But we've seen these kinds of protests before – are things any different this time?

Catalonia, Spain's most economically important region, wants to secede: The region recently announced early elections as a referendum on a bid for independence. The news comes amid scenes of Madrid police barricading parliament to keep out protesters. What’s the wider impact of this growing Spanish dissent? 

And we’ve talked about bank capital flight in Europe, but what about human capital flight – not just within the eurozone, but from other countries and continents? We'll talk about the impact immigration is having on the eurozone amidst the worst economic crisis in the region’s short history with the Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal’s Martina Stevis in Brussels.

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