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Robert Prechter on how Social Mood Drives Markets, Movies and Miniskirts

­Italian Prime Minister – Technocrat – Mario Monti met in Washington today with President Barack Obama. Meanwhile, Greek leaders scraped together a deal on austerity. They may face the same problem again though three months from now. Fractures in the EU continue to appear as leaders try to keep it together. But, does any of this matter, or does the threat of European disintegration have to do with something else entirely? And is the same thing that moves markets what moves women's hemline? Is the same thing driving the Dow what drives a hollywood producer to make a movie like "The Road," or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre?" And forget jobs or the eurozone crisis, is the Dow really the best indicator of who will be US president in 2012, or any year for that matter? We'll hear from Robert Prechter, founder and president of Elliot Wave International. And states and federal official have finally reached that foreclosure deal. A 25 billion dollar settlement with the five biggest banks guilty of abusive practices like robo-signing. It's billed as helping homeowners, but Nomi Prins says this is yet another example of only a good deal for the banks. You'll hear why. 

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