Reggie Middleton: Double-bubble forming in vulture financing and Facebook's IPO

­We've seen the ECB try and prop up sinking assets in a eurozone engulfed by a tidal wave of debt. However, our guest, Reggie Middleton, says that vultures scouring the continent for distressed assets are actually causing a micro-bubble in these same scraps. How big could this bubble get, and what could eventually pop it? Then, Facebook's is targeting a valuation near $100 billion in what would be a record debut for an American company. Is this a bubble in the making, or fair value for a booming industry of social networking and ad-driven revenue models? Next, US Jobs reports for April show unemployment down a notch to 8.1 per cent, but Reggie Middleton will tell us why anyone enthusiastic about the US jobs situation is smoking something called "Hopium." And the jobs numbers have people again asking if the Fed is going to act, and how?

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