Reggie Middleton takes a Bite out of Apple on his trip back from Gold Sands of Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Capital Account. Let's start off with MF Global, because although our guest today is not here to talk about the bombshell hearings taking place at capitol hill today, our guest tomorrow will. Don't worry though, you didn't miss much. The firm's assistant treasurer Edith O'Brien, pleaded the fifth as expected, but the other executives decided to answer questions.

Among those testifying at the hearing were MF Global general counsel Laurie Ferber; MF Global chief financial officer Henri Steenkamp; and Christine Serwinski, former chief financial officer of the company's brokerage unit.

Now, onto Europe, where we take a little break from MF Global to focus on some "treasury hunting," for those independent investors and entrepreneurs that watch our show. It looks like Spain is more likely to be a headed towards a Troika debt restructuring. That's what a citigroup analysis is saying, at least. We've talked a lot about who loses in what our guest calls "eurocalypse" but Reggie Middleton is back from traveling the world and he found some places that stand to cash in. He'll reveal the pockets of optimism in the UAE, Abu Dhabi and beyond. 

And speaking of "nations of opportunity," a recent survey by CNBC titled "Apple Nation," shows that half of all US households own at least one apple product. But with so much focus on Apple by not just consumers but markets in general, are people missing the bigger picture? What is the trend in this industry. Where is the growth, and where is the opportunity? What about mobile computing, and mobile applications? How can entrepreneurs take advantage? We ask Reggie Middleton, ass-kicking entrepreneur, what he thinks.

And in our "Loose Change" segment, Demetri and Lauren give their take on SAT scores, and whether cheating on the test is a good or bad thing.

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