‘QE to Infinity and Beyond,’ says Mike Shedlock!

­Today we talk about "foot-in-mouth" disease, given Mitt Romney's recently-exposed comments “victims”. It seems the gaffe indicator is as important as the economy in this Presidential election. We ask Mike Shedlock if there is a bullish case for the economy when it comes to either the Republican or Democratic Presidential candidate. And what is the true state of the economy? Shedlock, investment advisor for Sitka Pacific Capital, talks about indications that the US is in recession. He also tells us about his top 10 list of the most dangerous politicians in Europe. Plus, investors plowed more than $15 billion into ETFs last week in anticipation of QE3. What exactly is an Exchange Traded Fund, and more importantly, what is in the fine print? We break it down in Word of the Day. Lastly, GE’s medical imaging healthcare business is slowing down, but is this partly because of changes GE made to the health plans of its own workers? Lauren and Demetri discuss in Loose Change.

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