Minting plastic coin, countering claims of metals manipulation with Chris Martenson and Keith Weiner

­Welcome to Capital Account. Is the stock market partying like its 1999? Despite major risks and a lack of corporate transparency, the stock market has made strong gains over the last year. As Bloomberg recently noted, “Americans have missed out on almost $200 billion of stock gains as they drained money from the market in the past four years, haunted by the financial crisis.” So who is buying stocks, given so many Americans are pulling out of the market? We talk to Chris Martenson about his outlook for 2013. 

Congressional success in negotiating a 'fiscal cliff' tax increase was portrayed as a major accomplishment, an increase that will add $600 billion in new government revenue over 10 years. But additional revenue averaging $60 billion per year is less than 6 percent of our current trillion-dollar deficits. We talk to Peak Prosperity's Chris Martenson about the prospects of reducing US debt and the plausibility of minting a trillion-dollar platinum coin.

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