Obamney vs Robama: An anarchic view of America's economic and political duopoly!

­Guest Joel Bowman, managing editor for The Daily Reckoning, describes the main presidential candidates as “Obamney” and “Robama.” We ask why he feels the two candidates are not so different after all. Plus, we talk about what non-voters can do and why Joel thinks more Anarcho-capitalists are coming out of the woodwork. He also takes issue with the popular expression of the anarchist as a "molotov wielding hooligan." And the economy ranks as the most important issue among likely US voters, while government ethics and corruption ranks third.  Why was there no talk of the Federal Reserve at last night’s debate? And where was the discussion of the too big to fail banks? Lauren and Demetri examine the major economic issues that have been missing from the debates in today’s Loose Change.

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