Depression-proof banking and monetary mayhem in Myanmar with Chris Mayer!

­Chris Mayer, author of Capital & Crisis, travels the world looking for investment opportunities. Myanmar presents some interesting opportunities, as well as one feature of "monetary mayhem," as he puts it. And, is the CEO of Morgan Stanley a "reformer" relative to his Too Big To Fail peers, as he is reportedly trying to get the bank to run a less risky, less complex bank model? 

And , in today's Loose Change, Lauren and Demetri tackle the latest absurd comments uttered by Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke, who recently spoke out against "the benefits of currency management." And what about Europe? We may actually be witnessing the birth of Feudalism 2.0. Demetri explains how the death of bankruptcy law and sovereign default has moved the world closer to what we lived under during the Middle Ages.

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