Lauren Lyster takes Wall Street's bull by the horns - infiltrates the trading floor!

­Live from New York, taking Wall Street's bull by the horns…and well, something else too! We talk to Chris Whalen, senior managing director at Tangent Capital Partners about the appetite for fraud, with JP Morgan and the NY Fed in the regulatory hot seat. And you could call it “man vs machine”. We look at the impact of high frequency trading, computer algorithms on the stock market, and what dark pools have done to transparency. We have a very special New York Stock Exchange Word of the Day, with help from floor trader Stephen Guilfoyle. Also, a special Loose Change, as Demetri Kofinas and Lauren Lyster banter by the Wall Street Bull about zombie theme parks in Detroit and the possibility that regulators may run out of time in their attempts to prosecute crimes on Wall Street. Demetri asks if the SEC and CFTC could benefit by borrowing a pair or two from Wall Street.

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