Jim Rogers on Ben Bernanke, the Dollar and "Saving the Saver"

Today Ben Bernanke is defending the Federal Reserve's financial repression of savers on Capitol Hill. He also says there are no signs of higher inflation. Maybe that is because he is wearing his CPI, or PCE goggles… lucky for us, we have legendary investor Jim Rogers on Capital Account to tell us why Bernanke may not have all the answers. Jim will also tell us what he thinks of financial repression, and the destruction of the saver in America with these punishingly low interest rates. Does America need savings, and should savers be punished so that the country's speculative class can continue betting on the financial roulette wheel? Meanwhile, Angela Merkel is in China reportedly trying to convince the country with 3.2 trillion dollars' worth of foreign exchange reserves to throw a little in the eurozone's direction.  And we just saw fellow major eurozone credit-pusher Christine Lagarde take her fundraising efforts to the World Economic Forum. But why might these heavy hitting women be butting heads? We'll give you the back story, and we'll ask Jim Rogers what he thinks as well.

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