Jim Rickards on the latest Federal Reserve rate decision and Operation Twist 2.0

­Welcome to Capital Account. Let's twist again… like we did last September. The Federal Reserve announced today that it will be extending operation twist – its effort to twist the yield curve and keep long-term interest rates low by selling short-dated securities and buying long-term treasuries. It’s just more free market arm-twisting, and the Fed says it’s willing to do more. Sounds like more threats!

And whales have been popular, but what about “operation humpback whale…” What is this? Well, how about the Fed buy both the long, as well as the short end of the curve, and sell a bunch of the bonds in the middle? We’ll float that idea to our guest Jim Rickards, later in the show. He believes that the same force behind too-big-to-fail banks that is driving anti-competitive behavior on Wall Street is also responsible for driving monopolistic practices in government.

And last but not least, there is Loose Change, and a story you won’t want to miss: Mickey Mouse spotted on Mercury! That’s right, but what does this intergalactic phenomenon have to do with market trends? Demetri and Lauren will give you their two cents at the end of our show!

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