Gerald Celente on Jihadi Bankers and the expulsion of 'Osama Bin Bernanke' from Temple 'U-S-S-A'

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The US GOP is out with a new budget for the US, yet missing from the budget's graphics of what's adding to the debt is defense spending, which makes up more than 50% of discretionary spending in the United States. We break through the PR and the wool the establishment is trying to pull over our eyes, from MF Global to the Too Big to Fail Banks, to the Federal Reserve. We speak with trends forecaster Gerald Celente. 

On that note, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke started his college lecture series today. Is he indoctrinating America's college students, trying to initiate them in the cult of support for the Fed? Is he attempting to set the narrative and re-write history? We discuss with Gerald Celente. And today the muppets received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, getting much better treatment than the real life ones get at Goldman Sachs, according to Greg Smith. More Goldman alumni have come forward about the firm's "muppet" treatment. We give you the round up of them as Mayor Bloomberg comes to the firm's defense and weighs in on "God's work."