Following the Fed and chasing down debt

­Everyone is looking for what the Fed will do next in order to manipulate rates and thus economic reality. But what are the consequences? Jim Rickards, author of the bestselling book Currency Wars, is here. And it's world debt day in the UK and a number of other countries – it's a campaign demanding an end to developing world debt. Is that what these campaigns should be calling for, as the US gears up for another debt ceiling showdown? And as more than 1.2 billion euro fly out of Greek banks at the start of this work week alone, we wonder aloud how much longer the ECB will continue to hold the roof while Greeks sprint for the exits?

And speaking of sprinting for the exits of debt, check out who may be standing in front of the doorway. An Australian packaging company has reportedly enlisted the Hells Angels biker gang to help with its debt collection efforts! This brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase "tough times." Demetri and Lauren will give you their two cents during Loose Change.

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