Future of farmland in a world of financial fraud and safe haven bubbles!

­Is the Fed the only one worried about "how and when to act?" What should the average investor do in the case of inflation, price manipulation and financial fraud? We talk to Brad Farquhar, Co-Founder & Vice-President of Assiniboia Capital, about farmland as possible hedge against the fat-tail apocalypse. And Timothy Geithner was on Capitol Hill today answering questions about his reaction to the manipulation of Libor in 2008. Also, with Agora's 2012 "Innovate or Die Conference" in the middle of its annual retreat to Vancouver, our producer Demetri Kofinas has been attending the conferences, and rubbing shoulders with some of the world's "financial first responders" as our Monday guest Eric Fry, described them. Demetri tells us why the investors here are "bearishly" optimistic!

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