Empire of debt leading to a ‘crack-up’ in global monetary system!

­As we head into the last few days of the presidential race, we ask Bill Bonner, bestselling author and founder of Agora Financial what he thinks the biggest issues on the electoral agenda should be. We also ask about other litmus tests that might give us a better sense of where the US is headed. What does he look at, and how important is an indicator like GDP in telling us how well our economy is doing? And prices for gasoline, soda, hotel rooms, and batteries have risen sharply in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy. With inefficiencies created by long lines, Lauren and Demetri discuss if there is a case for price gouging in today's Loose Change. They also discuss the usefulness of a ‘Business Tsar’, and why president after president feels the need to intervene in the market in order to help the very businesses that his policies are hurting.

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