Egypt's market plunge, US food bank drought, & Turkish gold trade with Michael Krieger!

­Until recent events, the Egyptian market was the world's best performing exchange this year.  We talk to Mohamed Hawary, MD at an Egyptian investment firm, about how instability in Egypt has affected foreign investment. And is there a common economic theme underpinning unrest in Egypt, Spain, and the US? We ask Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg if we are going to see more of this unrest in 2013. Plus Cyber Monday sales are expected to break records today and it seems money is changing hands at a record pace, fueled by Black Friday deals. But don’t be fooled, the velocity of money in the economy is at historic lows. We break it down in Word of the Day. Also, Lauren and Demetri discuss gold as a monetary metal in today’s Loose Change.

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