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Economic Hit Man John Perkins on the New Banana Republic and USA Inc.

­Barack Obama signed the J.O.B.S. act today, otherwise known as “jumpstart our business startups”. This so-called success rolls back securities laws for companies going public with up to a billion dollars in revenue and, according to critics, really jumpstarts frauds like Wall Street pump-and-dump schemes. Economic hitman John Perkins, has been writing about this for a long time and he joins us.

Ben Bernanke had what appeared to be his semi-annual job evaluation last week. Fortune magazine reports on a private lunch between Bernanke, and the biggest bank CEO's and executives on Wall Street. We ask John Perkins for his thoughts on the power of the financial sector and its role in our economy and political system.

And sticking with banks, we'll show you what went on between Jim Cramer and his colleagues on a CNBC panel discussing Jamie Dimon and his "whining" routine on Loose Change.

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