Debt-ridden countries IMF’d as ‘euro collapse’ threat lures bailout bucks

­European banks under pressure to raise capital; euro could collapse, triggering another great depression. These are warnings coming from the IMF. Central banks appear to be moving away from the euro by buying more gold. And while we are on the IMF, as policymakers descend on Washington for the spring meeting, it seems all about raising money to boost the IMF’s firepower aimed at extinguishing Europe's debt crisis. But how much debt can you throw at a problem caused by too much debt? Economist Michael Hudson joins us, saying the debt “can’t and won’t be repaid.” In our Loose Change segment, British MPs say savers penalized by the Bank of England's money printing should be compensated for it, while Citigroup investors say executives shouldn't be compensated so handsomely for poor performance. This is a first for big US banks, but it doesn't matter!

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