David Kotok on EU fireflies and a market rehab for easy money

­Welcome to ‘Capital Account.’ Today’s headlines offer two different narratives on the US stock market. According to Bloomberg, stocks “advance ahead of Fed decision,” yet the Financial Times said the rally “loses steam ahead of the meeting.” Whether or not you believe the headlines, they underscore the impact of macro-trends on today’s markets. Our guest David Kotok, chairman of Cumberland Advisors, explains why markets are addicted to QE, and the consequences of this dependence.

Also, the German Constitutional Court is expected to rule tomorrow on the constitutionality of the ESM, a vote that is viewed as key to the Eurozone’s future stability. David Kotok will explain why this action in Europe can be summed up in a single dance: The “dance of the fireflies.” He joins us to shine light on the situation.

Plus, what does the growth in Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, indicate about a shift in investment trends?  We talk to David Kotok, author of the book ‘From Bear to Bull with ETF's,’ about the role of ETFs and the future of the market. 

And in today's episode of ‘Loose Change,’ Lauren and Demetri discuss RGBAnarchy's latest video featuring Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman drowning in paper of their own creation!

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