Capital Account - 11/29/11

­European finance ministers were meeting today to try and avert disaster, while we've seen us president barack obama this week reportedly pressuring european leaders to resolve the eurozone debt crisis by whatever means necessary. Meanwhile, right under washington's
 nose, Fitch ratings agency has put the government on a negative outlook after the super committee tasked with finding ways to cut America's deficit proved a "super failure." Also, we speak with author and activist Nomi Prins about revelations from the bank of international settlements that notional OTC derivatives have now reached all-time highs of 708 trillion dollars. This is over 100 trillion dollars more than the notional amount 6 months ago. We also ask Nomi about recent revelations that then secretary of the treasury Hank Paulson provided inside information about the nature of the government's soon to be intervention in fannie mae and freddie mac to a select group of hedge fund managers and friends. Take this with the ever unfolding scandal of Jon Corzine and the missing billions from MF Global, and you have more signs of crony capitalism, fraud, embezzlement and insider trading everywhere.
We also cover the bankruptcy of American Airlines' parent company AMR in the last part of our show.