Capital Account - 11/21/11

­ In this episode of Capital Account with Lauren Lyster, we cover the US super committee's pending failure in negotiations to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from the national budget over the next 10 years, something that we spoke with Cato budget Tad Dehaven about last week. We also cover the occupy wall street protests, and the recent police episode where a cop sprayed unarmed and subdued protestors right in the face with pepper spray at the UC davis campus. Joining us to discuss these issues, and their impact on the economy and society is John Perkins. The former economic hit man tells Lauren about the "mutant form" of capitalism or corporatism that encourages corporations to scour the globe in search of resources and cheap labor irrespective of the ill effects that their actions cause. John Perkins argues that this is a failed system, and that our economy has been stolen from us by modern day Robber Barons.