Capital Account -- 11/18/11

­As the eurozone crisis continues, could the options on the table include a German takeover? A leaked document from Germany's foreign ministry reportedly reveals the country may be preparing for a new European fund that will be able to take over the economies of struggling eurozone countries. Meanwhile, we know regulators have been trying to figure out what happened to the $600 million dollars missing from customers of MF global. And they now suspect at least some of that cash may not be missing, it may be gone. Regulators suspect it may have been used to cover trading losses at the firm that has, of course, now declared bankruptcy. The question remains as to whether more customers will react like Gerald Celente who we talked to this week and created a new interpretation of what MF really stands for. And from working on Wall Street to Occupying Wall Street, we’ll talk to Max Keiser on his evolution from broker to leader of the so-called global insurrection against banker occupation. And with 75,000 layoffs expected on Wall Street, will we see more bankers join the fight?