Capital Account -- 10/20/11

­This is the full episode for "Capital Account," with Lauren Lyster. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has reportedly been killed. We see the images today of people purportedly celebrating on the streets of Tripoli, but who may be really celebrating their chance to cash in from afar? And Greece continues to burn with the anger of protests on the street over austerity. Meanwhile any little rumor of a wrinkle in the plans for a Eurozone deal this weekend seem to send markets haywire. But is the real solution to the Eurozone debt crisis the politically unthinkable one? And US regulators go after Citigroup appearing to hold Wall Street accountable for wrongdoing but are they going after the wrong guy?The Fed reportedly has room to act but critics say Operation Twist is a failure. We ask is government the solution to US economic problems or making them worse? Plus, Lauren and Demetri mull Vietnam’s ban on golf as a tactic to make US politicians more effective and ask if the birth of Nicolas Sarkozy’s baby sent markets tanking?