Capital Account -- 10/19/11

­This is the debut episode for "Capital Account," with Lauren Lyster. More than 100,000 Greeks take to the streets to protest a new round of austerity measures as the Eurozone Debt crisis continues to heat up. Could this be coming to a city near you if the crisis takes down Europe’s banks and spreads to the US banking system? Are some big US banks still teetering on the edge anyway, three years after they were bailed out? And as US President Barack Obama is out trying to sell his jobs bill that has thus far failed in the US Senate, Occupy Wall Street protests across the country continue to punctuate the growing anger over economic issues like joblessness. Obama may not be making an appearance, but some unlikely one-percenters are showing their support. And the GOP presidential debate in Vegas last night brought out the wild side in the candidates – we found the surprise economic plan that could be hatched from it to balance the country’s books.