Capital Account -- 1/9/12

Merkozy reunites and turns up the heat on Greece to reform and cut the national debt, as markets fear the Greek bailout is unraveling. And signs of paranormal activity continue as investors pay Germany to lend the government money. The interest on 6-month German Bills – close to 5 billion dollars worth – were auctioned at a negative yield. We'll talk about why. And the chairman of the Swiss National Bank has resigned after allegations his wife cashed in on the central bank's policy to weaken the Swiss Franc. But as bad as this currency transaction scandal is – is it worse than the zero interest rate policy that the US Federal Reserve is engaged in, skimming off the top of everyone's bank accounts? And should other central bankers follow suit and resign themselves? Hell, forget about waiting for the bankers to resign, and freedom to return to America. Should people who are worried about totalitarianism and financial repression in the US just pack their bags and get the hell out of Dodge? That's what Gonzalo Lira, founder of Strategic Planning Group, a company that helps protect its clients from events…well, like the kind we are describing…seemingly fat tail events that keep on getting fatter. Black Swans that keep on getting blacker. The paranormal that seems all too normal these days. We ask, should people just start planning their escape from the USA, and if so, where do they go? Again, Gonzalo Lira is here to explain this to us, and to give us his take on where Americans are fleeing during a deleveraging that is taking not just capital, but people with it.