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Capital Account -- 1/6/12

This week we interviewed James Turk, founder of GoldMoney, and it sparked a conversation about gold, the federal reserve, and hyperinflation. One of our viewers, DIKK-3-TINUS writes us about compound interest. He says that this will lead to hyperinflation. Well, maybe, but maybe not. It depends if the government wants to monetize the interest payments. If not, then that compound interest is deflationary. In point of fact, it is deflationary in real terms. Another viewer kwoffy, asks about how to dismantle the Fed's game in a way that is possible. It's a great point. How do you put that genie back in the bottle? It may not be possible. That genie may just drag us over the cliff, and the fiat money system with it. Now, YouBeMadlol mentions food and ammunition, telling us that he would rather stock up on food and ammo then gold. Well, you aren't alone. Lauren spent a day at the shooting range in California. She even tweeted about it. Just look at the picks of her and all the empty gun shells. And these aren't all, we have many more viewers who submitted comments that we responded to on our show. We can't get to all the tweets, emails and youtube comments, but we do our best, and we ALWAYS appreciate the feedback (well, almost always…you know who you are!)