Capital Account -- 1/4/12

The fireworks have fizzled out over 2011. So what's in store for financial markets in 2012? We've already said good bye to the old normal, now maybe even the new normal, so are we living today in the paranormal? That's the forecast of bond titan Bill Gross of PIMCO. The toll of too much paper and too little trust. But how does that materialize? Bill Gross talks about the creation of two permanent fat tails, one on the left full of credit deflation, delevering and bankruptcies, and one on the right full of inflation and money printing. Where do we fall, and can the world navigate between the two in this new paranormal and can gold help hedge our journey? We will talk to James Turk, founder of GoldMoney and author of "The Collapse of the Dollar and how to Profit from it," who agrees with Bill Gross, and thinks that gold is a good hedge to navigate through these turbulent times. And on the issue of gold, we have seen a lot of volatility in the precious metals market as of late. What does James Turk think of this? Well, corrections are normal in bull markets, and this is a bull market, so don't be scared when you see these price drops. They are just opportunities to accumulate more. From ECB LTRO to Federal Reserve quantitative easing, James Turk thinks the real risk is continued debasement of currencies globally, and gold is your best bet at preserving your wealth going forward. And James Turk is not the only one who seems to think so. Alan Greenspan certainly agreed back in 1966 when wrote Gold and Economic Freedom, saying that a gold standard is the only way to protect a person's wealth from confiscation through inflation. And in lighter news, out of this world, paranormal type of news, will we see US president Barack Obama's foreign policy go intergalactic in a quest for gold stolen by aliens? We'll tell you how the white house responded to claims that the chief executive has been teleporting to mars.