Capital Account -- 1/3/12

The Iowa caucuses are tonight. Iowans will head to the polls to cast their first votes in the US primary season. The horse race is really underway here, but what real options do the American people have? What choice can they make that will have a positive effect on their financial future, not to mention their constitutional rights and civil liberties? It doesn't look to us like there is any leader who can unify the country. Obama had the political currency and the skill to do that 3 years ago, but he squandered it. So where does that put the rest of us now exactly? Feels kind of like the Twilight Zone, and we will bring in former assistant treasury secretary Paul Craig Roberts to tell us what he thinks. And speaking of the twilight zone, let's talk a bit about Iran. After all, it is center stage once again as the candidates look to out gun each other. Iran has threatened to act if the US navy moves an aircraft carrier into the gulf. This as New US and EU sanctions target the Islamic Republic. What doe this mean for Oil prices for you and I and is the US sabre rattling worth the cost? Well, again, we will speak to Paul Craig Roberts, an assistant treasury secretary under the Reagan Administration for answers to that questions. And lastly, with millions of dollars being spent by the GOP candidates and other groups in Iowa on TV ads, maybe we should all just fund one big ad, like the famous "daisy ad" which propelled Lyndon Johnson to the presidency in 1964 off the back nuclear war? Demetri Kofinas and Lauren Lyster debate this at the end of our show.