Capital Account -- 12/09/11

It's d-day for the eurozone! But is it crisis on or crisis averted? Most EU members sign on for more fiscal unity – analysis ranges from success to total failure. And does anything on the table really get to the core of the problem? Well, for one thing, the UK is forgoing the deal and Cameron's close but not so friendly encounter with Sarkozy may show why…And countries and banks are preparing for the collateral damage of a collapse of the euro. Contingency plans see countries like Ireland evaluating the need for additional printing presses. The swiss government is studying capital controls in case of a tidal wave of money come from savings in the periphery looking for safety in the core. And as pundits, economists, and analysts size up the crisis and solution, the global and market and personal impact from this side of the atlantic…we get the view from one of the countries most stricken – we'll speak to greek economist Yanis Varoufakis in Athens about all of this. He is author of the book Global Minotaur, and proponent of the "modest proposal" a solution for overcoming the Eurozone crisis. At the end of our program, Lauren responds to our audience during our "viewer feedback" segment of the show.