Capital Account -- 1/20/12

As the US heads into the presidential primary in south carolina, the most recent republican debate featured Newt Gingrich defending his moral values – his marriage – , Mitt Romney defending his tax returns, and Rick Santorum defending his sweater vests, is there anyone is is actually making real sense in terms of dollars and cents? Is the lack of concentration and debate on the money issue, and the issue of the federal reserve system, of central banking and of fiat money helping to turn cash into trash? We'll talk to Mike Maloney, founder of about the path the US is now on, and whether or not that path is sustainable. We will also discuss the latest republican internecine conflict over capitalism and whether the debate is giving capitalism a bad name. After all, the leading contender is a millionaire with a 15 percent tax rate. Is this the kind of capitalism that is causing people to equate capitalism with inequality? What about the people fighting for real capitalism, the kind the really rewards hard work and punishes failure? The kind that doesn't subsidize the rich and big business? We will ask Mike Maloney, author of Rich Dad's Advisors, a guide to investing in gold and silver, about this as well, and we will also speak with him about the precious metals space and how to protect yourself from currency debasement. And also, we talk about megaupload. The FBI shut it down yesterday. It is one of the world's largest file sharing sites, alleging copyright violations. The US irked with other jurisdictions to make arrests and oversee raids around the glob. 150 million people used this site to upload files, and now megauploads lawyers say the site was shut down with no notice and no opportunity to challenge it. We asked what you thought during our viewer feedback.