Capital Account -- 12/12/11

The European Union's summit solution or no solution? Friday, markets were excited for a day, but now is it just back to reality? Moody's reiterates that its ratings for the eurozone are still negative, with a downgrade still in the card for a number of sovereigns, including, you guessed it, France. Sarkozy says the loss of a triple A (AAA) would not be "insurmountable," and that If the rating companies did “pull it, we’ll face the situation coolly and calmly." Really? Maybe for Napoleon this is true, but in Latvia, depositors are already lining up to take their money out of banks, which proves that "cool and calm" is not always something that can be achieved simply by words alone. And this should concern France and the rest of the Eurozone, in light of reports like this latest one by the OECD, which warns that industrialized governments should expect to struggle with borrowing more than 10 trillion dollars this year as they remain at the mercy of the market's "animal spirits." And speaking of bank runs, it's the anniversary of one that started in the US in 1930, credited with bringing down the banking system. So what could stop that from happening today? While people talk about jobs, the deficit, the president…is this the silent threat that could bring down the economy? Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital joins us to discuss all these issues. He is host of the Peter Schiff show, as well as author of many books including "Crash Proof," and "The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets."