Free-Market Banking Technology fights the Intergalactic Monetary Mafia!

Welcome to Capital Account. Operation twist was announced yesterday, and this has revived the conversation about how the Fed is the only game in town… that it is the greatest barrier to economic progress. This conversation, of course, is taking place amidst the infighting and incompetence that renders Congress impotent on the fiscal side.

But on the central banking and monetary side, is collaboration between central bankers forming a kind of Voltron force united in a global inflationary attack? Our guest will make the case.

And while we’re on technology of sorts, the Wall Street Journal reports a bipartisan group of lawmakers have called on regulators to overhaul the IPO process in the wake of the Facebook follies. Why does this always seem to be the pattern we see? Officials looking backwards in an attempt to solve a prior problem, instead of looking forward towards innovations and competition that may help prevent the onset of the next one? Could the latter tactic be used to break up the monopoly of too big to fail banks? Bob English, contributing editor to Zero Hedge is here with a forward-looking solution.

And apparently US lawmakers – well, one in particular – think the public has gotten dumber. Really? Perhaps the kettle needs to meet the pot! Demetri and Lauren will debate today’s episode of Loose Change!

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