Plastic wasteland, Zeitgeist message, ‘real’ terror alert, DEA secret surveillance

Abby Martin talks to Dianna Cohen, artist and founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, about the tough truths regarding plastic contamination of the world’s oceans and how we can free ourselves from the plastic gyre. Abby’s back from the Zeitgeist Media Festival in LA, and features interviews with host of ‘Buzzsaw’, Tyrel Ventura, and Zeitgeist founder Peter Joseph. We call out the corporate media for their latest fear mongering campaign, citing the worldwide terror alert as an ironic distraction from ongoing drone strikes that are seen as a tactic of terror. Finally, a look at the latest NSA revelations, and Manuel Rapalo talks about how the DEA has gained free rein on NSA surveillance data to establish a rogue spying network used by local authorities across the nation to secretly launch criminal investigations.

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