Workers’ call to action, ag gagging whistleblowers, & congress cuts poor for parking

Abby Martin highlights workers’ strikes and walk-outs in the US, emphasizing the need for the minimum wage to reflect the rise in the standard of living. Then RT correspondents Ramon Galindo and Anastasia Churkina discuss the May Day demonstrations that took place this year in New York and LA, and also the protests and arrests that took place in Seattle, unionization, workers’ rights, and safety standards. Next, Andy Stepanian, activist and co-founder of the Sparrow Project, talks about ag-gag laws that are being introduced across the US, and the potentially damaging implications of these laws, including the profiling of animal rights activists as terrorists. Finally, a look at who the ‘sequester’ is affecting the most; while Congress protects their perks at airports, the poorest in this country bear the brunt of the burden of these automatic spending cuts.

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