​History rally against NSA, was Michael Hastings assassinated by private contractor?

Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson’s home was raided by DHS agents on a warrant about illegal weapons, yet during the invasion her confidential files were confiscated. The files included notes about whistleblowers still active in the DHS. Then, Carl Gibson, journalist at Occupy.com talks about updates related to the mysterious death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings and speculation about whether or not a private contractor firm could have been involved. Corporate media called out for its non-stop coverage of 'updates' related to the 1999 Grand Jury of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey implicating the Ramsey’s for bad parenting, meanwhile ignoring another Grand Jury from 1999 that implicated federal and local governments in the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Finally, the latest news related to the NSA’s surveillance of 60 million phones in Spain, and going over some of the highlights from the ‘Stop Watching Us’ anti-spying rally in Washington, DC.

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