​Mass graves & walrus abuse at Marineland, abortion escorts under fire & CIA in Kiev

Abby Martin remarks on the latest from Kiev, highlighting the fighting between Ukrainian special forces and Russian separatists, as well as calling attention to the White House’s confirmation that CIA Director John Brennan was in Kiev amid peace talks between regional leaders. Phil Demers, a former animal trainer at Canada’s Marineland waterpark, discusses the allegations of rampant neglect and poor living conditions for the animals, looking specifically at a lawsuit filed over the wellbeing of a walrus named ‘Smooshi’. Undetonated munitions: we highlight the rising death count of children in Afghanistan exposed to unexploded land mines, as well as the over 100,000 deaths that have occurred since 1975 in Vietnam. Finally, reproductive rights activist and writer Katie Klabusich discusses her role as an escort for women at abortion clinics, and the threats and harassments she faces as pro-choice activist.

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