Saudi Arabia’s atheist threat, Turkey’s soft dictatorship & Worldwide Wave of Action

Abby Martin on Saudi Arabia’s recent crackdown on dissent, which attempts to label atheists as terrorists. An Associated Press article exposing USAID’s secret attempt to monitor and influence dissent in Cuba through a social messaging service called ZunZuneo. Turkish journalist Omar Al-Muqdad talks about Turkey’s political unrest, the cause for the slow erosion in the country’s democratic values, and the leaked audio recording of the Turkish government’s plans for a ‘false flag attack’ that would justify a war with Syria. The dark side of zoological and water parks, with instances of maltreatment of animals in captivity. Finally, David Degraw, organizer with the ‘Worldwide Wave of Action’ discusses the upcoming global demonstration to begin on the anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.

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