Top 5 absurd War on Terror tactics, censoring animal cruelty, 1% v 99% class warfare

Abby Martin talks to producer Manuel Rapalo about a few of the most absurd tactics being used to fight the ‘War on Terror’, including giving out Viagra to Taliban insurgents and trolling nurseries for radical extremists. Abby then highlights Nuria Kalifa-Morgan, a Busboys and Poets server for openly being against occupation of Palestinian land, and calls out Senator Lindsey Graham for pushing a bill in Congress that could give Israel the decision-making power to bring the US into war with Iran. Then journalist & author, Will Potter talks about Ag Gag laws and the implications of treating undercover investigators of animal cruelty as ‘terrorists’. Finally a look at wealth inequality in the US, comparing record profits on Wall Street to the economic hardships felt by average Americans and highlights Switzerland as an example of people fighting back.

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