World Toilet Day, Wal-Mart’s wage war & uncensoring Native American history

World Toilet Day, a UN-recognized event that calls attention to the 2.5 billion people in the world without access to a toilet or sustainable sanitation. The US federal minimum wage law: we call out the top five corporations that refuse to pay their workers a living wage despite record profits and super CEO salaries. Sam Sacks talks about the National Labor Relations Board decision to go after Wal-Mart for illegally firing workers after they protested wage policies last year. Finally, authors Tom Clavin and Bob Drury discuss their new book, ‘The Heart of Everything That Is’, which highlights the life and legacy of American Indian leader Red Cloud - the only Native American ever to defeat the US Army in a war. They also discuss the dire state of today’s Native Americans and what factors are leading to their second-class status.

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