Social media spies, NDAA, more money for military

­Abby calls out the corporate media for over-polarizing presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s leaked video of the 47 per cent of “entitled Americans”, and instead talks about the growing Military Industrial Complex and continued US military spending in light of impending budget cuts. She interviews outspoken journalist and US congressional candidate David Seaman about the slow erosion of civil liberties in America. In the wake of the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Abby asks “where does the movement go from here,” and is joined by Occupy journalist Dustin Slaughter to discuss how the movement can regain visibility. Abby wraps up the show with a look at American law enforcement agencies using social media to track and data-mine Americans by highlighting the case of Melvin Colon, where police used Facebook photos to indict him for gang- and drug-related charges.

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