Occupy Politics, US Soldiers Now 'Terrorists,' Blackwater Impunity, Syrian War

­On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin interviews Jelani Mashariki, Occupy Wall Street Activist running for city council, about OWS moving into the political arena. Abby highlights Jennifer Livingston, a local reporter who called out a internet troll as today’s hero, and calls out Rob Tappan, Burson Marstellers as today’s villain for aiding the defense contractor Blackwater in maintaining impunity against war crimes in Iraq. Abby talks to the Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Mouaz Moustafa, about the recent shelling of civilians in turkey from Syrian territories. Abby wraps up the show with a look social media in the military and the branding of US soldiers who have independent thought as potential terrorists, by highlighting the case of Marine Veteran, Brandon Raub.

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