Big Brother watching you naked, secret societies, hope for Cuban 5, & police state round up

Abby Martin on yet another NSA leak involving a program called ‘Optic Nerve’, where British intelligence agency GCHQ has collected webcam images of millions of average internet users. The strange rituals of secret societies, calling out the surreptitious behavior of two of Yale fraternity ‘Skull & Bones’ most famous members, George W Bush and John Kerry. Allison Kilkenny, host of Citizen Radio, about the Wall Street fraternity ‘Kappa Beta Phi’ and what the behavior of its members indicates about the mindset of the Wall Street elite. Several instances of police brutality or criminality such as the case Jonathan Meister, a California deaf man who was beaten, arrested and Tased after attempting to retrieve his belongings from the back porch of his friend’s house. Finally, the release Fernando Gonzales, a member of the Cuban 5 -Nicholas Sanchez O’Donovan talks about what hope the remaining three men have of an early release.

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