NATO3: Worse than entrapment, sex workers’ rights, death by phone location & Sochi hype

Abby Martin remarks on the mixed verdict in the case of the NATO3; while found not guilty of terrorism charges, they still face felony charges that could land them in jail for decades. Cyndee Clay, executive director of ‘HIPS’, talks about her organization’s work to advocate for sex workers’ rights. More on the chemical spill in West Virginia and the coal-ash spill in North Carolina, exposing the human and environmental impact as well as the lack of accountability that accompanies similar ecological catastrophes that occur in the US every year due to fossil fuel addiction. Pentagon officials seeking to find a legal way to assassinate another American citizen by way of drone, while unreliable cellphone tracking by the NSA is leading to mistaken drone killings. Finally, the corporate media’s fear-mongering regarding the Sochi Olympics with RT political commentator Sam Sacks, who also breaks down the latest intelligence hearings regarding the worldwide ‘threats’ Congress is most focused on: Snowden.

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