​Gitmo prisoners suing Poland, military prostitution ring, killer cops facing trial

Two Guantanamo detainees are suing the Polish government for allowing the CIA to carry out interrogations at secret prison sites, alleging the US oversaw illegal rendition and torture of both prisoners. A prostitution ring run out of Fort Hood army base, calling into question the rampant sexual misconduct that has come to characterize US military culture. The case of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless resident of Fullerton, CA, who was savagely beaten by police, and the trial of the officers involved. Firedog Lake journalist Kevin Gosztola discusses a recently-published memo revealing how the NSA pushed talking points on employees to help defend the agency when discussing it with friends and family over the holidays. Finally, a closer look at a recent NSA leak which links the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand as an international intelligence partnership focused on surveillance of each other’s citizens.

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