​Forgiving his son’s killer, NAFTA’s 20-yr rampage, Rutgers against Condi Rice

Abby Martin remarks on the story of Bob Autobee, who after forgiving the man who murdered his son, fought against a death sentence for the assailant, calling capital punishment a crime against humanity. A report by the Sierra Club outlining the many negative effects resulting from the last 20 years of NAFTA, plus a report by Public Citizen that breaks down how the Trans Pacific Partnership is worse than NAFTA. Rutgers University Professor Rudy Bell talks about the protest by school faculty members against former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as the keynote speaker at the 2014 graduation ceremony. Finally, the state of media today, with investigative journalist and former CNN reporter Amber Lyon discussing her experience with media censorship and the topic of journalist integrity at a time when disinformation abounds.

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