​Exxon CEO an astounding hypocrite, ‘constitutional’ Muslim spying, corporate statists

Abby Martin calls out Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for his blatant hypocrisy after filing a lawsuit against a fracking water tower being built near his property. Rutgers University Professor Deepa Kumar talks about a recent federal court ruling that deemed the 2012 unwarranted surveillance of Muslim communities by the NYPD in New Jersey as constitutional. A recent report by GoodJobsFirst.org which exposes the absurd amount of taxpayer money used to provide some of the wealthiest companies in the US with corporate welfare. Finally, Marriane Williamson, an independent candidate for congress from California’s 33rd district, discusses why she’s chosen to run as a third-party candidate and the importance of breaking through the two-party dominance of the American political system.

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